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March 20, 2010
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This is the first bike we built up as part of bicyclery.  It was really fun taking this old Free Spirit and turning it into something that is stylish and fun to ride.

Originally a cheap department store bike complete with pressed dropouts one piece bottom bracket and possitron shifter.


We single speeded it and gave it a pair of bullhorns.

We converted the bike to a single speed, and gave it a pair of bullhorns.


You can take freewheel hubs apart and convert them to single speed ones.


We were able to build it up to be, in my opinion, substantially better then it was originally.


Faster, lighter, simpler; stylish, and really fun to ride.



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    Bi·cycle·ry [by-sicle-ree] Nown, Adj, Adv
    -Noun, plural –ies
    1. A place in which people work on bikes that is populated by enthusiasts who do not identify as cyclists.
    2. Bike stuff; as common place; ie. cutlery
    3. The art of riding or maintaining bicycles.
    4. Having a quality of bike culture. Ie: The show was so bicyclery, it seemed like everyone rode there.

    About Bicyclery:

    It is our intention that Bicylery becomes a for profit and economically sustainable bike shop that will also be able to meet the needs and act as a re-source to our community.


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