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Kirby vacuum hacks! | December 9, 2014

So we resurrected this old vacuum from the basement.  In doing research on how to repair it we quickly learned that it was so much more then a typical vacuum cleaner. 

It was pretty exciting to realize it was marketed to a wider audience then house wives.

Available attachments include: steam cleaner, pet groomer, power sander, and paint applicator.

We started to get inventive about what after market mods we could add to our utility vacuum. 

Starting small we added a water bottle/ beer holder.


Since we still hadn’t fixed the belt pushing this monstrosity was a bit too much work. We realized the handle is easily removable and that the body is spaced almost perfectly for bike drop outs.


It worked as a proof of concept! The geometry is a little awkward but next time we can use a more proportional frame!



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